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Valid from December 27, 2022

§ 1. Membership

• Membership in F24S is personal.
• The minimum age for signing a membership agreement is 18 years of age.
• Training and conduct applies to all companies Fitness24Seven AB, Fitness24Seven-Lund AB, Fitness24Seven AS and Fitness24Seven Oy.

There are five different forms of membership.
• Ordinary - access to all sites all day round.
• Daytime membership – access to all sites Monday – Friday between 08:00 am. – 15:00 pm.
• Nighttime membership – access to all sites, all days between 22:00 pm. - 05:00 am.
• Pensioner - pensioner with the same access to sites as a regular member.
• Student - student with the same access to sites as a regular member.

If signing up for a subscription which gives access through our disability entrances, access will only be valid on those facilities that have a specific disability entrance. Access to these facilities is all day around.

§ 2. Membership card and contact information

When visiting the site, members must register themselves on every occasion by swiping their membership card. Members are obliged to carry their membership card at all times during visits to the site, even while training; this is so it can be presented during the checks that are regularly carried out. If the membership card is lost or damaged so it cannot be used, this must be immediately reported to reception, which will then issue a new membership card in return for a payment of 99 NOK. Members are obliged to inform F24S immediately of changes of name, address, telephone number or other details provided. All contact by letter is made to the members national registration address.

§ 3. Payment

The agreed prices are valid on the condition that payment is made in the agreed manner. Members are liable personally for payment to F24S. This also applies if someone else is given as responsible for payment when entering into the membership agreement. Another payer must be an active member in F24S.

6 or 12 months paid agreement
When signing up for 6 or 12 months paid agreement, the fee is paid in its entirety when entering into the membership agreement.

Monthly paid subscription
When signing up for a continuous subscription paid by monthly fee, the member has chosen to pay either by AvtaleGiro or Recurring Card payment. The Start-up fee and the rst months training fee is paid by the member at the signing. Member then pay the monthly training fee regarding to the chosen way of paying. Those subscription is continuous which mean that the member has to actively end the subscription to F24S, following the instructions under paragraph 5.

Payment with AvtaleGiro
Member commit to within 3 days from signing of monthly paid subscription via avtalegiro, to enter its Internet bank and register AvtaleGiro (direct debit withdrawal) with Fitness24Seven as payee. Members undertake to ensure that the AvtaleGiro is activated 3 days after signing this contract and that amount to be charged is ready and available on the indicated account no later than the day before payment is due. KID no. is provided by staff when signing up for membership. Until further notice, notication of payment under the terms of the AvtaleGiro consent is regarded as satised by these terms and conditions.

Recurring Card Payment
When a member enters into a contract and chooses to pay their monthly subscriptions by Recurring Card Payment, the member is required to follow the instructions given by the e-mail link send by F24S in connection with the purchase and then register the card number from the payment card that member want us to withdraw the monthly fee from. It is also the members responsibility to be sure to have money on their registered payment card so that F24S can withdraw the agreed monthly fee from the members payment card on the stated due-date.

Payment via AvtaleGiro/RCP
Payment will be made in advance on the 25th of each month and cover the payment for the coming calendar month. If the 25th is a bank holiday, the withdrawal will be made on the next business day in the month. If there are no more business days in the month it will be made on the last business day before the 25th. Only private persons are approved for making payments by AvtaleGiro with their private accountnumber. Business accounts will not be approved. If payment by AvtaleGiro cannot be made from a members account on the ordinary withdrawal date, F24S will via CRONE AS request the member to pay the monthly charge including reminder fee at once and within 14 days at the latest, together with a warning that the person may be excluded until the whole sum has been paid. F24S in cooperation with CRONE AS reserves the right to charge statutory interest, administrative fees, reminder fees and debt collection costs in the event of overdue or lacking payment. If a member is excluded because payment has not been made, this does not imply that the membership period is frozen; membership will continue and expire in the usual way.

Price adjustment under the current contracts
Campaign subscriptions paid by Avtalegiro/RCP will automatically change after 12 months to the current regular price. At the signing of student contract which is paid by Avtalegiro/RCP, student price is valid until the date on which a member can present a valid student card. After this date the price automatically change in to ordinary price. Student price can be extended by the member latest up to 14 days before the validdate of the last student card expires. The member need to show a new valid student card at any of our sites. Student price is then extended to as long as the date on the valid student card shown. Presentation of valid student card after the student price already changed in to ordinary price is adjusted for the coming months fee. Retroactive price adjustments are not made.

§ 4. Term of the Agreement

F24S does not have an obligatory binding time for monthly agreements that are paid via Avtalegiro/RCP. The period of notice is till the end of the month a written notice of termination is received by F24S + 2 months. Full-/half year paid agreements have an agree term of 12/6 months and expire automatically when the 12/6 months have run out.

§ 5. Freezing, transfer and cancellation of membership agreement

It is possible to freeze your monthly paid membership for an administrative fee or at no charge if a medical certicate for long-term sickness or pregnancy can be presented. Prepaid half or full year memberships can not be frozen for a fee. The membership may be frozen for a maximum of 12 months at a time. After the frozen period runs out, the membership is automatically activated. It is not possible to freeze membership in retrospect. As the member I am responsible for receiving and storing the conrmation of my freezing and if necessary showing it to the F24S staff. Membership can be transferred once, i.e. the person taking over a membership cannot transfer it. When transferring a membership, the transferring member must pay a transfer fee of 300 kr to F24S. The member taking it over must pay an administrative fee of 150 kr and accept these terms and conditions in writing, which nally must be approved by F24S. If the member taking over the membership is a new member or has been a member before, but no longer has their membership card, they must also pay 99 kr for the membership card. Monthly paid subscriptions, opening and campaign offers cannot be transferred. I am aware that Fitness24Seven has a 2 month period of notice when cancelling a monthly paid subscription. Cancellation is made by the member via F24S homepage (www.tness24seven.com) through the section Mine sider. As a member, I am responsible to receive and, if necessary, be able to show the written conrmation of my cancellation. A termination of the contract is always binding and cannot be reversed. The membership can be canceled by F24S with immediate effect if the member violates any of these regulations. The members liability remains during the entire period of notice, as described in § 4.

§ 6. State of health

Members are responsible for their own state of health being such that the member can participate in the activities at F24S without risk.

§ 7. Rules of conduct and training regulations

The premises are intended for activities related to training and may be used by members exclusively for training. For example, members may not sleep or in any other way sojourn on the premises. It is incumbent upon members to follow the rules of conduct and the instructions concerning training methods and use of equipment that are given, either in writing or verbally, by F24Ss staff. Members are expected to behave at all times in a way that does not disturb other members or staff. If a member behaves disruptively or does not follow the rules of conduct and instructions, F24S has the right to limit the time the member may visit the site, the members use of the site generally or may terminate the membership completely, upon which the members liability to pay the membership for the month the notice of termination is received by F24S + 2 months remains. F24S reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately without stating any reason.

§ 8. Guests

Members can be accompanied, cost free, by a maximum of one (1) guest per year and only during the time the facility reception is open.

§ 9. Doping

Fitness24Seven reserves the right to contact the police on suspicion of the use of doping classified substance use. Police will investigate and test the member if the assessment is such. I, the member will be suspended indefinitely for violating Fitness24Sevens Terms and Conditions. See §5 of Fitness24Seven contract terms.

§ 10. Liability for accidents and possessions

F24S is not responsible for personal injury, property damage or loss of any member´s possessions unless the damage or loss is caused with severe negligence by F24S.

§ 11. Price changes

An increase of price on continuing agreements shall be notified at least one month before the increase takes effect. Member who cancels his contract because of a price increase is protected against price change during the notice period.

§ 12. Personal Details

By means of automatic data processing, F24S stores personal details in a database complying with the provisions in the Personal Data Act. Members consent to F24S collecting and processing the personal details that are necessary for fulfilling this agreement. Members also give their consent for the personal details provided being used for the marketing of various goods and services. Entry when the site is not staffed takes place by means of fingerprint control. These details are stored solely on each individual membership card and it is these details that are compared with those read during entry. Members have been informed that the entry and the site are under camera surveillance for safety reasons.

§ 13. Identification

For a monthly paid subscription via AvtaleGiro/RCP payments a Norwegian personal identity number, Norwegian private account number and valid Norwegian ID card are required. Full years paid agreements require a valid ID card together with a Norwegian work permit, residence permit or proof of application for asylum. When signing in for student contract a valid student card is also required.


• §§ 14-16 only apply when members enter into a membership agreement via F24Ss website.
• For purchases via the Internet, the Act on Distance Contracts is applicable.
• Purchases via Internet are personal in the meaning that it is only the individual who intend to become a member who can enter into the agreement via the website.
• Members have accepted via the website that the terms and conditions in this agreement apply for membership.

§ 14. Right of withdrawal

Members have the right to within 14 days of the purchase regret their purchase by notifying F24S. The membership is then terminated and the paid amount will be refunded. To do this the member must contact post@f24s.com, any of our sites or by mail to the head ofce (Fitness24Seven AS, Østre Aker vei 17, 0581 Oslo).

§ 15. Payment

Payment of starting fees concerning the agreement is made through F24Ss website in accordance with the instructions there. When entering into an agreement with monthly payments via AvtaleGiro/RCP, it is the members duty to follow the instructions given in connection with the purchase on the website.

§ 16. Terms of Delivery

The agreement comes into effect on the day the purchase is registered on the website, not the day when the card is collected. The member collects the membership card during the receptions opening hours at the facility stated in the Welcome e-mail. The Welcome e-mail is sent to the e-mail address that was given during the purchase.


1. Short description of AvtaleGiro
AvtaleGiro is a service under which account holders send their bank an order to pay bills by charging the account holders account and transferring money to a payees account. Only demands for payment (bills) from payees for whom account holders have given their bank a charging authority (AvtaleGiro authority) are covered by the service. The payees for whom account holders have set up such an authority will send the demand for payment to the bank. No later than seven working days before the bills are due for payment, a notication will be sent to the account holder with information about the bills to be paid and what they refer to. Account holders may put a stop on payments until the day before the payment is due to be made.

2. The contract
Contract terms for AvtaleGiro are supplemented by the banks general conditions for deposits and payment services. In case of conict between the two, the contract terms for AvtaleGiro take precedence over the general conditions for deposits and payment services. The costs of setting up, maintaining and using AvtaleGiro are given in the banks current price list, account information and/or in some other suitable form.

3. AvtaleGiro authority
For each payee covered by AvtaleGiro, the account holder must provide the bank with a separate charging authority (AvtaleGiro authority). The same payee may be the subject of several AvtaleGiro authorities, if the account holder so wishes and the payments relate to different claims. On demand, the bank will provide the account holder with information as to which payees are attached to the scheme. An AvtaleGiro authority must at the least include the account to be charged and the payees name, address and account number, the maximum charge limit and the period for which the charge limit applies. When submitting an AvtaleGiro authority, a customer identication number (KID) must be quoted from a recent payment claim covered by the terms of the AvtaleGiro authority.An AvtaleGiro authority may be revoked, barred or amended by the account-holder on application to the bank. Revocation, barring or amendment must be implemented no later than the day following receipt of the account holders request by the bank. The bank may not amend an AvtaleGiro authority without consent from the account holder, except in the case of the payees account number. The bank must periodically send the account holder information about the AvtaleGiro authorities which have been submitted.

4. Use of payment information
The account holder consents to allow necessary information about the account holder and the AvtaleGiro authority to be passed to the payee and the payees bank. This information will enable the payee to issue payment claims against the account holder via the AvtaleGiro system and to ensure correct identication of payments received. The account holder further consents to the bank suggesting which creditors the AvtaleGiro service can be used for, on the basis of information about the account holders other payments.

5. Prior notication to account holder
The account holder will be sent notication about upcoming payments no later than seven working days before the account holders account is due to be charged, unless otherwise expressly agreed. The notication must be in writing and at the least contain information about the payee, the sum to be charged, what the payment relates to and the date on which the account holders account will be charged (payment date). The account holder must use the notication to check that the information conforms with the account holders records and submitted AvtaleGiro authorities. The account holder should contact the bank without undue delay if there are any discrepancies.

6. Stopping of individual payments
If the account holder does not wish the bank to execute an individual payment as notied, the account holder may require the payment to be stopped up to and including the day before the notied charging date. A request for stoppage shall be carried out in the agreed way (e.g. by electronic media or by approach to the bank). If the payment is stopped, the bank shall not be responsible for any default interest, collection fees etc. which the payee demands as a result of the stoppage.

7. More about execution of payment
Within the framework of the AvtaleGiro authority, the bank will execute payment by charging the account holders account on the notied charging date. Even though the AvtaleGiro authority indicates the nature of the payment claim, the bank will not check what the payment relates to. The payment will be transferred to the payees bank no later than the end of the working day after the payment order is deemed to be received, cf. general conditions for deposits and payment services.

8. Refusal of payment orders
Payment will not be executed if the payment claim is outside the stipulated limits in the AvtaleGiro authority or if the account holder has stopped the payment. The bank will check whether there are funds in the account to cover the sum to be charged. If there are insufcient funds in the account on the notied charging date, the bank will either refuse the assignment at once or attempt to charge the account during the following four working days (after checking for sufcient funds). In the case of several payment claims or payment orders to be charged on the same day, the bank is not responsible for the order in which the payments are charged to the account, or for which payments are not executed due to lack of funds. If the payment is not executed for the above reasons, the account holder will be informed by the bank and offered another payment method (e.g. the sending of a giro form). Information about the other payment method will be given by the bank. The bank will also inform the account holder if the payee cancels the payment claim.

9. Repayment of executed payment transaction
The account holder may require repayment of the full amount of an AvtaleGiro charging transaction if the account holder can show that the sum exceeded what the account holder could reasonably have expected on the basis of prior usage patterns, the terms of the framework agreement and other circumstances. However, the right to such repayment shall not apply if the account holder, where relevant, was notied of the future payment transaction at least four weeks before the due date. The account holder must submit claims for repayment within eight weeks of the charging date. Within ten days of receiving a claim for repayment, the bank must either refund the full amount of the payment transaction or give reasons for refusing the claim, together with information about bringing the matter before the Norwegian Financial Services Complaints Board.

AvtaleGiro authority
I wish to use AvtaleGiro to pay claims from the payees named below:Payer, Payers account number (account number to be charged), Payment relates to, Customer Identication Number (KID), Charging limit, Period for which charging limit applies,Payee (name and address) and Payees account number (account number to be credited).